Additional Services Offered

Data Conversion Services

Leverage the experience of Physician Intelligence to extract discrete data from your EMR as you transition to a new EMR.  Don't leave all that data behind!  Let Physician Intelligence help you carry over the historical data you need to keep your practice moving forward.


Data Archiving

When you leave your current EMR vendor, did you know that they do not always play nice?  Many clients have faced audit requests and unable to reproduce the requisite information to satisfy strict billing and malpractice concerns.  Let Physician Intelligence help you mitigate the risks of not being prepared for an audit after you leave your old system.


Document Management...Made Simple.

Not sure to do with the thousands of scanned documents in your old EMR?  Need a HIPAA-compliant way to ensure that you can access these vital records?  Let Physician Intelligence provide you with an easy way to quickly retrieve vital scanned documents stored in your EMR before you move to another system.