What We Offer...

Data, Visualized

Leverage your organization's data to tell a story with animated charts that you control.  Smarter ways to look at your organization's key performance indicators.

Fast Insight

In mere seconds, you can spot previously unknown patterns, identify key relationships and uncover insights that would otherwise remain hidden

Compelling Visuals

Visualizations backed by industry-leading analytics are explained in terms that everyone can understand.

IntelliTraq Details
IntelliTraq Details

Easy to follow descriptions explaining every metric analyzed in Intellitraq thanks to simple drop down menus.

IntelliTraq Ancillary Services
IntelliTraq Ancillary Services

IntelliTraq allows you to track all your ancillary service lines.


Figure out where the money is coming from by patient age and/or gender.

IntelliTraq Details
IntelliTraq Details

Easy to follow descriptions explaining every metric analyzed in Intellitraq thanks to simple drop down menus.


Managing a healthcare organization's financial indicators has never been easier

Incredibly powerful yet preserving a level of simplicity, IntelliTraq uses data visualization tools to bring your organization's financial data to life

Whether it is poor collection, coding or operational cost, data analysis can help you understand your business
is stumbling as well as suggest possible causes and solutions.

Find Solutions to Business Problems

Exceptional analytics demand more than a dashboard....it requires IntelliTraq

Answer Deeper Questions

You have better things to do than building reports. IntelliTraq puts the right information in front of you so
that you can turn data into insight.

Reduce Reporting Time
Practice Administrators

Whether you are an experienced practice administrator that likes to immerse yourself in practice metrics or someone that only wants (or has the time) to quickly and accurately assess the practice's financial health, Intellitraq is designed to help you make better decisions.


Doctors didn’t go to medical school to learn how to manage a business. But the healthcare landscape demands that practices be managed with keen business insight. IntelliTraq not only helps you understand the business side of the private practice but also empowers you to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Academic Centers and Enterprises

Healthcare system and networks are growing more complex. Practice management systems paired with spreadsheets is inefective at helping high-level stakeholders gain valuable insight into how the organization is performing.

Pricing starting at $49.99 per provider per month and as low as $29.99 per provider per month for organizations with over 100 providers

Simple pricing to accommodate any organization

No hidden fees or gimmicks....


What IntelliTraq Can do for you

Get the picture. Fast

Practice management reporting systems are unappealing.  Rows and rows of data make it difficult to identify issues.  IntelliTraq is designed using data visualization principles to elevate your awareness of your organization's financial health.  Critical information calls attention to itself.


See it. Understand it.

Access to the data can be shared with key stakeholders of your practice- accelerating and improving decision making, optimizing internal processes, increasing operational efficiency, driving new revenue, and gaining a competitive advantage.


Interactive charts and graphs.  With a flat learning curve.

With a few clicks, you can perform complex calculations, filter data, cross reference and compare results.  Reviewing Key Financial Indicators for your organization is simple with IntelliTraq.



Compare your organization to others from around the country.  With over 3.4 million encounters, you can readily compare your financial performance.


Visualize & Share with Ease

IntelliTraq allows for high-level executives to share data quickly with team members so that efforts are coordinated and expectations are clear.


Never Miss an Opportunity

You know your organization better than anyone. But it is still nice to back your intuition with data. IntelliTraq can deliver the right data at the right time at the speed of business.


Make Better Decisions. Faster.

IntelliTraq's healthcare analytics platform unmatched visibility into progress, performance and processes across your entire network so that your organization is always moving forward.


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